Speed Up the Process with Picking Warehouse Robots

Increase the efficiency in your e-commerce, retail and industry warehouses with large scale fleet robots. Robots can be configured with your WMS/MES/DRP/ERP systems.

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high precision

The positions and movements of our robots are planned with high precision.

Pristine Quality

View the operations of our robots via the web interface.

ongoing support

Continuous support and updates and improvements throughout the project.


Organize and customize your robot by documentations.

Autonomous Robot Solutions for Indoors

We respond to your requests with our autonomous robots. We produce solutions to your mobile problems in indoor areas such as advertising, sterilization, guidance and security with our autonomous robots. We customize the robots that will solve your problems according to your needs. We also aim to provide services concerning autonomous robots.

Smart Picking With AdvoBot

Depo, perakende ve imalathanelerde toplama ve taşıma görevlerini yerine getirmek için tasarlanmıştır. Filo olarak hareket etme, 200 kg taşıma kapasitesi ve dinamik rota belirleme özellikleri sayesinde verimi 3 kata kadar arttırmaktadır.

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Autonomous Sterilization with Cold Fogging

Designed to sterilize large-scale facilities such as malls, hospitals, and airports by eliminating 99.99% of the contagious factors with the cold fogging method.

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New Era in Advertising

A new perspective on indoor advertising. You can track your ad statistics and give your customers exclusive ad options. Digital outdoor advertising up 59% in 2020.

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Enriching your life with autonomous robots