Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) have become an important part to ensure continuity in production lines with precise, dynamic, and fast solutions. AMRs which were produced by ADVOARD, approach to the docking stations and loading bands with a few centimeters of error level. We do this without any additional sensors, only with our special docking algorithms.

Through the IoT system, robots can be controlled easily even from outside of the factory. Robot’s statuses such as; internal and external diagnostics, charge state, and location information can be accessed from the web browser, without downloading or installing any application.

Dynamic, Precise, Robust

Instead of the ponderous structure in the versatile mass production lines, through the dynamic AMRs that can move in the route specified by the user; precise and robust structures are formed. In the assembly line, packaging, warehouse segments, the operations are being realized autonomously with AMRs.

Standard Specifications

  • Easy access with web control panel and IOT support
  • 350 Watt motors
  • Fully autonomous navigation with SLAM feature
  • Differential drive system
  • 10 hours of constant driving capability and 10 hours recharging time
  • 1.5 m/s maximum driving speed. 0.5 m/s constant driving speed
  • The obstacle detection range of 2 Lidars of a 5-meter radius and a total of a 91.6-meter square circle
  • Low energy consumption with ARM-based controller
  • Remote fault detection