Designed to sterilize the large-scale facilities. Target regions are sterilized fully autonomously with regard to labor safet requirements.

Advoard VA-1500 is capable of disinfecting 4000 meter per square regions in one hour with a %99.99 rate of sterilization. This device uses the cold fogging technique and different from UV-C and other solutions, it is capable of removing the majority of threats.

Sterilization with UV-C light is also required to be at most 1 meter away from the target region and it must be applied for about 2 minutes to purify the surface. Therefore, cold fogging, which is provided by VA-1500, is a more efficient and effective technique.

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Ease of Use
Fast Deployement

VA-1500 designed to sterilize wide-areas such as malls, hospitals, airports and universities. Contact us for deployement and mapping.

Standart Spesifications

  • Easy access with web control panel and IOT support
  • Fully autonomous navigation with SLAM feature
  • 20-liter disinfection tank and 1500 watt ULV technology
  • Particle size 0.45 micron. Range 15 meters
  • Differential drive system
  • 6 hours of constant driving capability and 6 hours recharging time
  • 1 hour of constant sterilization time. 10 hours of recharging time
  • 1.5 m/s maximum driving speed. 0.5 m/s constant driving speed
  • The obstacle detection range of 5-meter radius and a total of 78.5 meter square circle
  • Low energy consumption with ARM-based controller
  • Remote fault detection


  • Omnidirectional driving system
  • 40-liter sterilization tank
  • 2 hours of constant sterilization with increased battery power and 10 hours of recharging time