Designed to be a smart advertisement board and a guide in indoor areas. Necessary and anticipated feedbacks are analyzed and reported fully autonomously within preferred time intervals.

Advoard RPA-1000 is capable of providing bounce rate, CTR, CR, CPA, CPC, EPC, EPV, and visit duration data for each advertisement separately within its reports. It can also report predictions concerning gender and age and whether they wear masks or not by respecting the protection of personal data.

Optionally RPA-1000 can check the environment temperature, air quality for moisture, dust, and gas rate analytics and print them on a map in real-time.

New Era in Advertising

RPA-1000 can inspect and interpret the ads given through the LCD panel and the reactions to them in wide areas similar to malls, hospitals, airports, and university campuses. At the same time, checking and analyzing air quality and mask detecting functions are provided.

Standard Specifications

  • Easy access with web control panel and IOT support
  • Visualization with 45 Watt LCD panel
  • Full HD camera support with Logitech C920
  • Fully autonomous navigation with SLAM feature
  • Differential drive system
  • 10 hours of constant driving capability and 10 hours recharging time
  • 1.5 m/s maximum driving speed. 0.5 m/s constant driving speed
  • The obstacle detection range of 2 Lidars of a 5-meter radius and a total of a 91.6-meter square circle
  • Low energy consumption with ARM-based controller
  • Remote fault detection

System Specifications

  • Mask detecting and reporting system
  • Ad interaction duration analysis and reporting system
  • Gender prediction and individual ad planning
  • Reporting air analysis such as temperature, moisture, carbon dioxide, and other gases on the map