Designed to help to pick and carry tasks in warehouses, retails, and manufacturing facilities.

AdvoBot can function fully autonomously. It is able to work with other robots as a fleet. It can move to the active nodes either with commands from the web interface, buttons, or sensors that can detect the packages.

Through the IoT system, robots can be controlled easily even from outside of the facility. Robot’s statuses such as; internal and external diagnostics, charge state, and location information can be accessed from your web browser. Neither downloading nor installing any application is necessary.

New Era in Logistics

AdvoBot can navigate to any point in the facility. The user places the load and with its interactive screen, they can send the robot to the desired points. Users can also check the availability of the robots, assigned or empty points, heatmaps, and location of the robots through the web interface in real-time.

Standard Specifications

  • Easy access with web control panel and IOT support
  • Interactive screen support
  • Fully autonomous navigation with SLAM feature
  • Differential drive system
  • 10 hours of constant driving capability and 10 hours recharging time
  • 2 m/s maximum driving speed. 0.5 m/s constant driving speed
  • The obstacle detection range of 5-meter radius and a total of 78.5 meter square circle
  • Low energy consumption with ARM-based controller
  • Remote fault detection
  • 150 kg payload
  • Up to 100 robot fleet support
  • Emergency stop button