About Us

We began our journey with a team of 4, with a graduation project. In the beginning, what we basically wanted was to write an algorithm for an existing robot to be able to execute SLAM, localization and navigation autonomously. We achieved to build such a system in a short time, yet we desired to accomplish more. Therefore, we started to build our own AMR. Since then, we gained two separate grants from TÜBİTAK (3501 & 2209_b), published two articles. We were also interviewed for an online newspaper.

All these activities made us much more motivated  With this enthusiasm we upgraded our AMR and applied for another program of TÜBİTAK, 1512 BİGG, which is a great support for entrepreneurs, who aim to establish their own companies. Our project was selected among the 7 winners over 1200 projects.

We continue our journey with innovative solutions. The product of our efforts, ADVOARD is here to find autonomous solutions based on human needs.

Asst. Prof. Pınar Oğuz Ekim

Assistant Professor at IEU Electrical and Electronics Engineering & Mechatronics Engineering Departments

Bekir Bostancı

Electrical and Electronics Engineer

Sercan Çağdaş Tekkök

Electrical and Electronics Engineer

Mehmet Emre Söyünmez

Electrical and Electronics Engineer

We are proposing services for different fields.


Solutions for factories, malls, hospitals, libraries, airports and any kind of indoor environment using autonomous vehicles.


Providing software consultation with blackbox software kit for existing systems.


Solutions handled with autonomous mobile robots by modifying base vehicle with different kits for different tasks.


Dynamic smart advertisement boards with feedback information such as age, gender, interaction amount and duration.


Autonomous vehicles to help transportation in production facilities.


Helping people by guiding in hospitals, museums, libraries, airports, malls and supporting disabled people according to their needings.


Cleaning devices to disinfect shelves and environment, clean or warn about a dirty spot, check the purification of the air etc.